Billy-Jean Ray sat at his dining room table with his wife, reading his newspaper, and drinking coffee. He was a taller man, with beige skin and short brown hair, which was beginning to turn gray. He was a rich oil man who was very muscular, not that his job required muscles, though. He was going to use his money to build an extremely expensive under-water apartment building, which should be ready in June 2010.
“Hey Marge, look at this,” he said to his wife, “This soccer coach’s murder is still unsolved. We’re in April 2002, and still no answer. This shows us what police are good for!” Margery nodded, but said nothing. Once, just once, she wished Billy would spend time with her. She wanted kids, but she knew that her time to have a baby was almost over.
“You know, sweetie, the sink is getting dirty, and I’m already late for work…” mentioned Billy.
“I’ll get right to it,” sighed Margery. She would be happy with a simple kiss.

“I present to you, ladies and gentlemen, Water Palace!” Billy announced. It was finally ready. A month late, but ready nonetheless. Standing by his side was the butler he hired, Frank DeFord. In front of him were seven people, the head of security, the lieutenant security guard, and, of course, the tenants. As he looked at everyone, he wondered what all of they’re stories were. One of them was, is, and will be a murderer. Maybe even him.
The Flares moved in to their apartments, stopping from time to time to admire there new home. Drake Flare, the father of Johnny, and the husband of Mathilde looked like the average American lawyer. He had black hair reaching to his neck, and light skin. He did have one secret though. It wasn’t illegal, he was licensed to own it, but he owned a gun, (he actually owned two) that only his wife knew about, he took sharp shooting classes, and passed with excellent grades. His wife, Mathilde, was taller than most women of her age, which was 46, two years younger than her husband. She became a superstar after she won American Idol, and two years before she married Drake. Their son Johnny had brown hair, whereas both of his parents had it black. He was a curious 13-year old boy from Chicago. He smiled often, but not this instant. To be frank, he hated his new home. He couldn’t bring his dog because it might die from the underwater pressure, so it had to stay with Grandma. He had a rebellious spirit, and would always defend people who got in trouble wrongly. He hated anyone who thought that anyone was inferior to others, like gays and straights, or women and men. He studied the constitution for fun, and was addicted to politics.
Elizabeth Sweeney moved into her office right next to the lieutenant’s one. She was in her early thirties, a Latino. That title never held her back though, and no one used it against her. Her friend Dan Bond sat in the office next to her. He was 25 years old, and looked like James Bond. At one point in his life, he told the people he used to work with that he was related to James Bond. They just laughed and told him James Bond wasn’t real, but he never gave up “hope,” if you can call it that.
Caroline Teth moved in too. Her room was paid for by Drake, since she was his summer intern. She was twenty years old and had long, blond hair, but twelve of those years were wasted; she couldn’t remember them. Ryan Froy moved in to the room next to Caroline. He was about her age, but he paid for his stay. Both of his parents passed away, leaving him with a huge sum of money. He later became a professional soccer player after years of training.
Billy-Jean Ray was now 56 years old, and had lost interest in his wife. He cheated on her, but he did not want to hurt her, so he kept it a secret, and the only one that found out about it, was his dear butler, Frank DeFord. Frank was in his seventies, and had an eventful life.
The apartment itself had two places to eat, one more of a “McDonalds,”
The other one was more of a fancy restaurant. They were both automatic. There was a hatch to go to land, but people had to “check out” before leaving. This apartment was not under any governmental control; it was like its own little country, and it makes its own laws.

Everyone started to get comfortable, but they all procrastinated when they realized they had to unpack, except for Johnny, who’s always on top of things. Soon, everyone greeted each other, and people explored, but still, no other unpacking was done. At 10:00 pm, everyone was asleep. The night was undisturbed, well, for most people, that is. The first one to wake up was Caroline. She wanted to be ready to learn from Mr. Flare. She went to her window and opened her shades. She expected to find clear water, maybe some fish, but when she looked outside, she saw a bloody mess of the corpse that belonged to the butler, with a bullet through his heart diagonally from left to right.

In a few minutes, the room was filled. Everyone was stunned by fear, and some even fascination. Mathilde put her hand over Johnny’s eyes, but he quickly pushed them away. Mathilde sighed, knowing that her hands would not be on her son for more then a second. They weren’t a very close family. Caroline was on her bed, holding back tears. Dan approached her, and tried to console her. He had a crush on her, even though he’d only met her a day before. Ryan smiled and whispered into Johnny’s ear:
“Love at first sight,” Johnny turned around to look at the two on the bed, and laughed. Caroline looked at him, puzzled. Dan understood and gave Ryan a dirty look. Billy seemed the most upset. Frank had been his butler for many years, and had become more of his friend. Drake looked around in disbelief. He didn’t know who killed Frank DeFord. Elizabeth could not understand it. It was only the second day, and it seemed as if everyone was getting along so well. She wasn’t going to let this go. She’s the head of security, and she’d find out who killed Frank DeFord.
“Alright everyone, listen up!” Dan started “One of us killed Frank DeFord. If you come up now, well, that’d be great!” A few minutes went by where all was quiet.
“Alright then! I guess we’re gonna have to do this the hard way. I demand that we start an investigation immediately! First things first, we need to find the crime scene! Any questions?” Ryan raised his hand.
“Yes, Ryan?” Dan announced
“Do we get lunch breaks?” he asked
“We’re not in school; you can have lunch whenever you want to. Oh, and for future references, you can go to the bathroom whenever you please. I’d actually encourage it. Any more questions?” Dan asked. Several people raised their hands.
“Forget it. I know half of those questions are gonna be stupid. Everyone just spread out, and look for clues. Hey, you know I’ve always wanted to say that,”

Everyone went in different directions. After 30 minutes of searching (give or take,) Johnny realizes something:
“To get the body out into the water, the murderer must go through the pressure hatch! I am so good at this!” He ran to the pressure hatch, and found a trail of blood.
“Woo-Hoo!” he yelled. He followed the trail and it led him to a very thin hallway, just big enough for one person to get through. The trail ended at a pile of belongings.
“Guys, guys!” Johnny screamed “I found it, I found it!” The first one to come was Drake
“Look, look!” Johnny was pointing to a small pile of stuff.
“Well, well, well” Drake said
“No, dad, you can only say things twice, not three times, like this: well, well” The two of them looked through the pile of stuff left by Mr. DeFord. In a few minutes everyone else was in a line behind Drake.
“Hey, look, its dad’s gun!” Johnny noticed. Drake took the gun and looked at the eyes staring at him.
“Mr. Flare, is this really yours?” Billy asked. Drake sighed, and then nodded
“I have a license to use this, okay! And I know I’m the top suspect here, but I didn’t kill Frank DeFord! You have to believe me!” Everyone looked at Drake, thinking “How could you?” except for Johnny and Dan who were still rummaging through the pile of stuff.
“You think my dad killed him?” Johnny whispered to Dan.
“Maybe, but all men are innocent until proven guilty, and someone else could’ve stolen that gun, and anyway–” He stopped in mid-sentence while looking through the victim’s wallet, and his eyes widened
“What is it Dan?” Johnny asked. Everyones’ gaze shifted towards Dan.
“It’s written here that…that Frank DeFord was a Russian spy!” Elizabeth gasped, so everyone looked at her.
“What is it?” Caroline asked Elizabeth. Dan answered for her:
“Elizabeth works for the CIA!”
“Told you it wasn’t me!” Drake said.
“Wait, I got something else,” Johnny said who was looking through Frank’s journal.
“December 8, 2009,” Johnny read “I found out that Mr. Ray has been cheating on his wife.” Before anything else happened, Mathilde slapped Billy-Jean.
“Nice one mom!” Johnny applauded.
“Is there anything else in there?” Ryan asked. Ryan was keeping notes, and Johnny noticed he was writing with his left hand.
“No,” replied Dan plainly “but there are still three prime suspects: Elizabeth Sweeney, Drake Flare, and Billy-Jean Ray. Before we decide who’s done it we’ll need real proof. Now, everyone, just go just go on with your lives.”

Everyone went their separate ways after that. The afternoon was incredibly quiet. The night was the opposite. Everyone tossed and turned in their sleep, save two. The murderer and Drake Flare. Drake was damned if he was going to be arrested or something for something he didn’t do. He realized that the murderer might try to escape on to land through the pressure hatch. He took one of his guns and waited by the entrance of the hatch. After an hour of waiting patiently and ever vigilant, he was ready to give up, when someone came out of the darkness.
“Hey, you!” Drake yelled “I have a gun, so put your hands where I can see them!”
The shadowy figure pulled out a gun from his belt. Drake recognized it instantaneously. It was his own gun. The shoot out began with the figure firing at Drake. Both guns were pistols, so the ammo was limited. After about a minute of dueling, the shadow was out of ammo, so Drake saw his chance and fired away. The gun clicked. He too was out of ammo. The figure realized he wasn’t going to get through with Drake blocking the way, so he made a run for it. Drake was exhausted, and he fell asleep on the spot. He didn’t notice that a bullet had hit him on his right shoulder.

He was woken up by his son the next morning. He slowly stood up, and he finally felt some pain in his shoulder. Johnny had already started bandaging it, and he told Drake that Caroline was going to make an announcement at one of the restaurants. The two Flares walked towards the restaurant. When they entered Caroline arose from her seat and said:
“Well, that’s everyone,” Johnny went to sit next to Ryan, and Drake sat behind them. Caroline continued, “I, Caroline Teth, know who murdered Frank DeFord, and I know why.” The audience gasped and several murmurs went around the room. “One, out of all you people, is the murderer, and the same person knows that I don’t remember anything since I was twelve. That person… is Ryan Froy!” He stood up and yelled:
“That’s a lie!”
“Don’t deny it,” Caroline continued “It started eight years ago, at one of Ryan’s soccer games. It was a very important game, and his team lost. He blamed it on the coach, so he shot him. Two people saw him: me, and Frank DeFord. He brainwashed me, but Frank escaped.” She was interrupted by Billy Jean
“But if you were brainwashed, how can you remember all this?” he asked
“My memory came back; advanced devices are advanced, but not so advanced. Anyways, Frank didn’t know him, and he didn’t get a good look at him, so he couldn’t report him, but when Ryan arrived, he recognized him, so he shot him.”
“There’s no proof to support that!” Ryan yelled. Johnny had just realized something.
“Yes, there is. The bullet we saw went from left to right through Frank’s body, right?” he said. Everyone nodded
“And the hallway where Frank was shot was to thin for the murderer to be to diagonal to him…”He continued
“So the killer had to have been left handed…” Dan said.
“And the only left handed person here is Ryan!” everyone said together, except, of course, Ryan. He wasn’t going without a fight. He reached into Drake’s belt, took one of his guns, and put it to Johnny’s head.
“Don’t stop me or I’ll blow the kid’s brains out!” He yelled, and made a run for it, still holding on to Johnny. Everyone followed.
“Drake took a sharp shooting class; he could probably shoot the gun out of Ryan’s hand,” Mathilde said, still following Ryan with everyone else.
“No,” Drake started “I can’t. My shoulder has a bullet in it; I can’t shoot straight,”
“I’ll do it!” Dan volunteered
“You’ve never handled a gun before in your life!” Elizabeth yelled
“No time to argue, they’re almost to the hatch!” without saying another word, Dan took Drake’s gun, and aimed for the other one. He fired. It landed in Ryan’s stomach.
“Aaaaaah!” Ryan screamed, and fell to the ground. “You shouldn’t have done that!”
“NO!” everyone else screamed. With his last breath Ryan fired the gun, and… clicks. No ammo. Drake had only put bullets in one gun. Ryan took one last breath, and died. You get what you give. Mathilde and Drake went up to hug Johnny, and then walked back to Dan and said:
“Nice Shot”


6 Responses to “IN THE DARKNESS OF THE SEA by Anatole”

  1. Homer Simpson Says:

    Very, very good! This was a most amazing story! It was the greatest thriller I have ever read! Your oeuvre is simply splendid.

  2. That was the best story ever!!!!!! I really enjoyed reading it and I read it 10 times already!! Very good job!

  3. cool story i complitely agree with !!!!HELENE!!!! that was an awsome story! 😛

  4. Dr.Frankenstein Says:


    You used the names Johnny and Bond in your story.
    It is strange because you talk about James Bond and Homer Simpson says he lives in James Bond’s house. Could you be the same person?
    Anyways, it doesn’t surprise me that you used Johnny and Bond in your story since you played a character called Johnny Bond in you end of the year show.
    Good job on your story, by the way 🙂

    Dr.Frankenstein (WHAHAHA)

  5. allegra Says:

    nice story anatole i enjoyed reading it


    awesome story man

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