It was a warm sunny day in Yakima, Washington. Sally was getting ready to go to work at McDonalds as the cashier. She brushed her short thick hair. She envied her friend Jessica. She had a successful job, big blue eyes, a great boyfriend, and long silky blond hair. She thought of all the great things Jessica had as she quickly brushed her teeth. Oh, and she had forgotten, Jessica also had naturally white teeth as oppose to her, who had yellow crooked ones. She left her small messy bungalow that could barely fit what she needed. As she walked over to the McDonalds she worked at, she thought of how lucky Jessica was.
“You’re three minutes late!” her boss exclaimed, “That’s customers we’re losing!”
“Sorry, “She said in an exasperated voice. She looked around. There was a tour group there, all wearing the same bright green shirt.
“Hi,” she said to one of the customers wearing an oversized green T-shirt, “What would you like? “She continued.
“I’ll have a Big Mac with a chocolate milkshake,” the customer responded in a foreign accent.
Would you like the milkshake super size, medium, or small?” she asked.
“I’ll take super size,” the customer answered.
“One Big Mac with a chocolate milkshake, super size!” she called to another employee.

When she got home, she decided to call up her friend Jessica. Jessica had gotten her a lot of things in her house, including the phone she was using. That was the advantage of having Jessica as a friend. She bought her everything and knew how to do EVERYTHING! She even went shopping for furniture with Sally, and knew how to make everything look perfect when put in her house.
“Hey Sal”, her friend said through the phone.
“Hey Jess,” Sally responded. “I was wondering if you’d like to go see a movie with me.”
“Oh, I can’t, but you can come over and help me unpack my bags.”
“Sure,” Sally responded.
Jessica had just moved into a new home. It was smaller than her previous ones, but this one was nice and cozy. When you walked in, there was a small room with wooden floors. When you turned left there was a teeny hallway that was only about 15 inches long. Then you’d turn a bit to the right and there would be a new hallway about the same length. At the end of it, there would be her bedroom/living room. In it would be a door that would lead to the garden. If when you walked in to the house, and you turned right, there would be a bathroom. If you kept on going, you’d be led to the kitchen.

When she got there, there were boxes in every room. She helped her unpack her things. They transformed the first room into a dining room. In the bedroom/living room, they put a bed in the corner. Next to the bed was her night stand with a lamp on top.
“This’ll be so nice!” They exclaimed, filling up her closet with her beautiful clothes. On the hooks were all her Marc Jacobs bags. They put her Michael Kors shoes on the floor of her closet.
For the living room part, they filled her bookshelf (obviously) with books. They threw in a few bean bag chairs and a FLAT SCREEN TV on the wall. They filled the bathroom with her makeup, shampoo, conditioners, skin products, etc. The kitchen was filled with silverware and pots and pans. It was 2 in the morning when they finished, so Sally slept over.

When Sally woke up, she went out to the nearest Dunkin Doughnuts to get her daily cup of coffee.
“One medium Dunkin Decaf please,” Sally ordered to the cashier wearing the uniform.
When she got her coffee, she started sipping it on her way back to Jessica’s.
When she opened the door to their room, she saw Jessica lying on her bed with “blood” all over her.
“Haha, very funny,” she said in a sarcastic voice.
“I know you’re faking it,” she continued. …. No answer…. She started to get a bit worried. She leaned over to see if the beautiful girl’s heart was still beating. At the sound of nothing, she screamed so loudly that everyone in the neighborhood came rushing in to see what happened. They looked at her with nervous looks on their faces. Sally, not knowing why THEY out of all people should have had a nervous look on their face, wore the same confused, concerned look herself.
“MURDERER!” An old lady with ducky pajamas screamed.
“Oh my god!” some lady in the process of putting on her cleansing mask that was green screamed.
“N-n-n-no, I didn’t do this,” Sally stumbled.
“Of course!” Someone who really needed to brush his hair screamed in a sarcastic voice. She was taken to a detective.

“Well,” the detective asked, “When did you see her like that?
“When I got back from Dunkin Doughnuts. I don’t know if she was like that before or not because I didn’t really get a good look at her before leaving.” Sally said in a worried voice. They continued their conversation for a little while longer.
“Well, if it wasn’t you, who do you think it could be?”
“Maybe my boss,” she said “he always was jealous of her”.
“Anyone else?” he asked.
“Yeah, maybe her boyfriend.”
“And why?” he said.
“Well, in her will, most of her money was going to me, but a small portion was going to him,” Sally said.
“Hum, interesting,” the detective said, writing everything down, trying to seem like a big professional.
“Also, maybe her sister. Like me, she isn’t very successful. She is jealous”.
“Thank you,” the detective said. “I will interview them in private”.
She walked out of the room. The sight of her parents with worried looks made her lower her head in shame.
“What happened?” her mom asked in a worried tone.
“I don’t know, I don’t remember doing it. Maybe I did it in my sleep,” Sally said.
“Well,” her dad said, “did you get the money from her will?”
“Dad! Seriously, murder her and leave with all her money!”
“Well it is supposed to go to you,” her dad said, “You should take it. You’ll really need it in these times you’re having”…

Sally went home. She really couldn’t stand being accused for murdering her best friend.
She looked at her watch. It was five ‘o’clock. She didn’t really know what to do. It was too late to return to McDonalds. Oh, who would hire a murderer. Not even McDonalds would. She sank into her favorite purple chair and turned on the TV. Nothing good was on. She changed the cooking channel she had been watching a few nights ago, to channel 1, the news.
“OH MY GOD!!!!” she screamed aloud even though no one else was there too. There was a whole program on how SHE had murdered Jessica! She bit her chapped lips and then called up the TV station to complain, but no one picked up. She stepped outside for a calm stroll in the park, but at the sight of her people ran away. Was she a monster? Well at least she didn’t have to deal with anyone.
“Hi,” the post man said. He obviously hadn’t seen the news. She kept on walking until she heard her stomach growl. She stopped at the nearest McDonalds to grab a burger. She sat at a table in the corner where she wouldn’t attract too much attention. When she finished, she headed home to go to sleep.
The next day, she met up with the detective again.
“Well,” he said, “Your boss said that he had gone to some late night concert that lasted all night with his friend. He even showed me his tickets. His friend said that he’s not lying. The others don’t have very good alibis; they were sleeping”.
In the morning, she had to go to court. She wanted to look presentable, so she threw on a beige skirt suit with brown heels. She got in the taxi. In court, they all argued on and on until Sally was about to be proven guilty. Sally, knowing it wasn’t her, thought of how unfair it was and wore and frown on her face. Just as the judge’s gavel was about to strike the sound block, someone in the jury box yelled.
“Wait!” Sally looked up. It was her boss’s friend.
“I can’t take the guilt any longer. My friend really is guilty. He was paying me three grand to lie and say he came with me, just in case he was a suspect. I can’t take it!” he exclaimed, looking at the boss with a worried look on his face
“Well” the judge said looking at her boss, “I guess you’re guilty”
He was taken to jail. Everyone still visited him though. Everybody still was sad that Jessica was murdered though. They all moved on with still a trace of the girl in their heart.

The End


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