New York, Monday, January 18, 1974.

“Latest News! Abe Stanler was found dead in her hotel room! Detective Frankie Stanler has been assigned for the case. Read for more!” cried a newspaper seller in front of the Season Hotel. That morning, people were elbowing, pushing themselves and fighting to get a copy of The New York Times. As Francis Bleak, 21, watched this scene out of his window of the Season Hotel with disinterest, he looked concerned about the police cornering off the building to stop the murderer from escaping. Was he scared or reassured? Sally Lockhart, 20, stepped up to him and said:
“Don’t worry, it feels good to be safe.”
“Because having a murderer inside the hotel makes you feel safe?” he responded. Sally shrugged.
The two inseparable brothers; Dough How: 40, doorman and cook; and Falton How: 44, manager of the two-story high Season Hotel, were talking at the breakfast table.
“A super-known actress murdered here, that’s bad publicity for our hotel.” mumbled Dough.
“Na,” said Falton, “everybody will come to see the death place of Abe and we’ll be able to sell entries high-price. We’ll be …” Just as he started his phrase the door flung open and a man escorted by two policemen walked in. The two brothers jumped in fright. The man had a dark suspicious eye. He was tall and gloomy and wore a long grey coat. He looked at the two men and laughed a dark laugh. Dough was holding Falton in his arms.
“Detective of the FBI,” said the man with a voice like Darth Vader’s. “I need a room for a week. The name is Frankie Stanler.”
“Frankie Stanler!” cried Dough as he let Falton fall on the floor.
“You can’t get a room. No, first you will need to pay.” cried Falton, in between Dough’s feet.
“You never say no to an FBI agent!” said Frankie, grabbing Falton by the collar. Then he let go and Falton fell to the ground, hitting the floor with a cry of pain for the second time.
“Lead him to Abe’s room” muttered Falton as Dough went up the stairs and Frankie followed close behind.
When Sally was doing her make-up Francis heard footsteps in the corridor.
« A newcomer? » thought Francis as he opened his door. He just had time to see a man penetrate into Abe’s room. « Weird », he thought. Then, Dough, who was accompanying the man, came back towards him.
“What’s up?” he said. Without replying, Francis questioned,
“Wh, wh, who is that man?”
“Oh, him? He’s a detective of the FBI. The one charged for solving the case of Abe: Frankie Stanler.” Francis looked worried. As he closed the door, Dough hurried down the stairs. Sally just got out of the bathroom. In a few words he told her what Dough told her.
“What do you care?” she said. “It doesn’t do anything to you”.
“Yeah, but I never liked detectives.”
“May I remind you I am an advocate?” Sally said, offended.
“N, no but that’s different.”
The day passed on without any incidents. The detective didn’t put one foot out of his room through the whole afternoon, exept for the meals. The next day, the How brothers were at their usual spot. Frankie, the detective, came down early.
“I have a few suspicions.” he said. “My first and only suspect: Francis Bleak …”
“No!” said Dough, this time, him falling, off of his chair.
“What did I say about saying no to an FBI agent?”
“But, we have absolute trust in Francis!” replied Falton.
“No buts either. First listen to me. Francis had a relationship with the victim, but they broke up. So …”
“How do you know that?” exclaimed Dough, back on his chair.
“It’s all in the files AND NOW WILL YOU PLEASE STOP INTERRUPTING ME!!!” The brothers jumped again of fear and this time Dough ended up in Falton’s arms, but not for long. As he got back up Frankie started again. “So he could have murdered her for revenge or he could have killed her to steal her money because he desperately needs some for his doctor studies.”
“Of course, I never thought about that!” exclaimed Falton.
“I think I have come to my conclusion.” But Dough remained indifferent.
“I will not believe in this Gibberish!” he said, just as Francis came down. Leaving his files in the corner of the table, Frankie got up and left to his room, throwing a dark eye to Francis. As he sat down, Dough told him what Frankie had said. Francis then rushed up the stairs just as fast as Frankie did.
“Well,” said Falton, “Both do have a strange behavior.”
Francis was back in his room talking with Sally.
“…and that’s what he said.”
“Why suspect you?” Sally asked. Francis paused.
“I don’t know Sally, or maybe I do. I suspect him, and I have a plan.”
That night a dark shadow crept out of a room. First it went downstairs, and came back up with something in its hands. Then it slid into the detective’s bedroom. A few minutes later, it came back out and steadily tiptoed down the hall, and then going back toward the room it left, the shadow disappeared inside it.
Through the next three days Francis didn’t come out of his bedroom. Sally had to go get the meals for him, and every day, under Frankie’s numerous explanations, Dough seemed to get more and more suspicious. Finally, on Friday, Francis came down the stairs, and triumphantly said:
“I (insisting on the I) know who the criminal is!”
“You are th…” blurted out Falton, but Dough put his hand in front of Falton’s mouth. Without paying notice, Francis continued:
“Only one person is the victim’s brother and killed her for inheritance of the rich parents’ money. Only one person spent there days in their room taking off Abe’s security camera to erase the record of the murder and searching Abe’s suitcase full of diamonds. How do I know that? I sneaked in and about the building at night and took “the Files”. Then I went into Frankie’s room and checked the camera: it was not there. I then opened “the files” and what did I see? Jewels! The case was full of jewels! And obviously, that “someone” is…” And as he turned around he pointed at Frankie and said: “You!”
When he pronounced these last words Frankie took out a gun and pointed it at Francis.
“Anyone move and he is a dead man” Frankie warned. Then, suddenly, the police stormed in, just when Francis said:
“Oh, I forgot to say, you are under arrest!”


2 Responses to “THE MYSTERY OF THE SEASON HOTEL by Marrec”

  1. Love the ending!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mariana Says:

    I loved your mystery!! It was awesome, it’s very well written!! You should definetly consider being a writer when your older.

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