2016: THE MURDER by Margaux

This story is fiction and happens in the future (2016).

Pico is an 18-year-old boy, he goes to the college of N.Y.U (University of New York). Pico is an artist, over a million people have bought some of his art pieces.

Then one day when he entered his art studio he found his drawing thatis his best seller. Then he got a flashback and remembered that when he was 10 his art teacher, Miss. Sporn, who is extremely rich, gave Pico an F-.Pico always hated Miss Sporn and her best friend Dee.

After that flashback, Pico ran back to his room and picked up his phone quickly dialed his brother,Laurence, phone number and pressed talk. Pico told Laurence «Hey Laurence it’s Pico, meet me at my dorm this afternoon. »«Sure. Should I bring anything in particular? » asking Laurence daughfuly. The line must of gotten cut cause at the same time the electricity got cut. » It’s probably because of the thunder outside? » Pico said to himself.

Laurence arrived at Pico’s dormitory like Pico asked him too. Laurence asked « Why did you tell me to come here? »
« I asked you to come here because remember when I was 10 and you were 15. »
« Yes, continue. »
« Wellyou know my bestsellerright? »
« Yes the drawing about New York City. »
« Well when we were in the LFNY my art teacher Miss. Sporn gave me an F-. »
« So that’s why you told me to come here, what are you going to do about it? »
«That’s the second reason I asked you to come here, I need you to help me figure out what I should do about this complicated story about Miss. Sporn. »
Laurence looked at Pico quickly and said « Can we talk about this later, I’m hungry, I had to skip breakfast to go to work. »
« I don’t care if you skipped breakfast, tell me what you think about Miss. Sporn? » Pico responded angrily. People didn’t like when Pico got mad cause he was really strong. Laurence was also strong he was the head policeman of New York.
Laurence lost patience and said « you want to know what I think? I think that Miss. Sporn is a bad art teacher, so want to go eat at Subway know? »
«No, and why am I asking you? You skippedcollege to go to war. »
« Then if you don’t want to ask me ask our 10 year old cousins Hank and Molly? »
« Hey your right cause Hank an Molly have Miss. Sporn as an art teacher and since you know there spies they can help us. »
« Now can we go to Subway and have lunch? »
« Fine.»answered Pico with annoyance

After lunch Pico called his cousins Hank and Molly. They told them to bring their spy gear and a plan of the world, they told Hank and Molly to meet them at the Deli market on 54 st and 3 ave.

When Hank and Molly arrived at the deli market on 54 st and 3 ave. They saw Pico and Laurence at the yogurt section, sot hey joined them. They talked about how much they hated Miss. Sporn. A little bit later, « Ok, your plans are the worst, my plan is, you kidnappe Miss. Sporn then you bring her to an island then lock her in a dark shack, were there is no food, and no way to exit it. Molly had the best plan indeed. « It’s brilliant! » screamed Pico with pleasure.

The next day…

It is 2 pm and at midnight Pico will kindnappe Miss. Sporn and lock her in a shack on a stranded Island.

It’s midnight, and Pico is calling Molly because she could lead him through every detail.
«Ok Pico are you at Miss. Sporn’s house? »asked Molly seriously.
« Yes, what’s next?»Pico answered.
« Now get Miss. Sporn in the big trash bag I put in your bag.»
« Wait, how do I get Miss. Sporn in a garbage bag?» « I don’t know. Just get her in the bag. »
Pico though and though for a long time, and he forgot he was standing right in front of Miss. Sporn’s mansion. Then he though what is he hit Miss. Sporn on the head with a metal vase. So Pico entered Miss. Sporn’s house took a metal vase he found on a table next to the entrance, and went to Miss. Sporn’s room. Pico saw Miss.Sporn in her bed sleeping. Pico thought that this would be easier then he thought, and indeed it was. Pico just had to pick up Miss. Sporn and put her in the garbage bag and he did that in less than a minute.
Then Pico went to New York City harbor. There was only one man (probably because it was 2 am). Pico asked the man if he could bring him to Sporn Island. The person said yes. They hopped in the boat. It was a motorboat it went really fast over 200 miles per hour.

When they arrived at Sporn Island Pico asked the person who drove him here, his name. The man said his name was Kevin.
Kevin asked « What’s your name? »
« Pico. »
« Pico your an artiste right? I love your artwork! »
« Thanks. »
Pico entered the shack and leaft the door open he put Miss. Sporn down carefully, and leaft. Pico put a master lock on the door and leaft. Right when Pico leaft the island Miss. Sporn woke up.

A couple weeks later…

“I’m here to report a missing person.” said Gene Sporn.
“What happened to hello? And who is this missing person?” asked Slomo the policeman.
“I’m here to report my daughter Claire Sporn.”
“Could you give me details about her Sir.”
“She has brown hair and has been an art teacher for 15 years.”
“ What’s going on here?” asked Laurence.
“ This man here is reporting a missing person.” replied Slomo calmly.
“Whom may I ask are you reporting missing?” asked Laurence.
“My daughter Claire Sporn.”said Gene“she is the only thing I the world to me.”
Laurence’s mouth dropped open.
“Miss. Sporn!!!” screamed Laurence with a shocking lock on his face.
“She’s my old art teacher.”
“WOW.” said Slomo.
“We’ll send in our best men.” Laurence said quickly.
“Thank you, bye.”

Ever since Pico locked Miss. Sporn in the shack he’s been checking up on her. He’s been going back and forth from New York to Sporn Island. and one day going back to New York Pico got lost. He saw an island in front of him so he went to it. on the island was Miss. Sporn’s body.
Pico was confused. Pico called his brother Laurence “Meet me at Sporn Island and bring that famous detective Bobby Moon.

When Bobby Moon arrived with Laurence they saw Dee and Miss. Sporn. Miss. Sporn was already dead.Pico explained everything and that Dee killed Miss. Sporn because she was jealous. Bobby Moon called the parents of Miss. Sporn and told them to meet them in the shackon their island, they told the same thing to Slomo, Hank, Molly, andKevin. When they all arrived, they started talking.
a few minutes later Pico told everyone that you could only open the door from the outside.

Then Laurence and Slomo jumped on the door and the door broke the door. They all went back to New York.

Dee got arrested for life and Pico got a warning. several weeks later we had a funeral for Miss. Sporn.


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    nice job!!!!!!!!!!

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