Would you kill somebody who stole your money? Probably not, but in this story somebody does. Read and learn!

It was a perfect day for the opening of a football field. Many people came for fun and football. But some came for revenge! At the party, they were all professional athletes. But every single athlete has a secret. They had all broken the law somehow: stealing, hold-ups, murders, all sorts of bad things. But at this party nobody expected to do something bad. But that wouldn’t last for long…

Kevin, a basketball player had come to the party with two guys, Ray and Paul. They were both on his basketball team, the Geoffreysters. They were very good friends. Kevin wanted to get there first because he wanted to find out who stole his money.

Tom and Randy had arrived together because they both were part of a football team, the Geoffreymasters. Tom wanted to be there to get away from Kevin. But he didn’t know Kevin was invited to the party.

Dustin and Jonathan had arrived together so they could both get away from the coach of their baseball team, the Geoffreykickbutters.

And finally Stephon and Landon had come because they were bored from not going to a party in a long time.

When everybody had arrived, they started playing football. They were all having a great time. But it would turn to horror and scare in a minute. During a time-out, Jason, a football player, went to take a drink of water. Somebody was following him. Just as he turned around, the mysterious person shot him. There was a shout, and everybody heard it. They all rushed to the water fountain only to find the dead body of Jason. A little further away was Kevin who was hiding under a table. He said his side of the story. –“I wanted to get some water when suddenly a man appeared out of nowhere. He didn’t see me, but when he ran away, he glimpsed me. That’s all I know, really.” Then 5 minutes after, an investigator arrived whose name was David. He had investigated many murders. But this one was different. He knew all of those athletes because they had all broken the law. He promised that he would not make their crimes public. So from that second on, everybody was a suspect…

David started investigating when suddenly the giant screen on the football field came on. There was a person who was talking, but nobody could see his face or recognize his voice. He said,                               -“I have closed all the doors to enter or exit the stadium. All your cell phones are gone. It’s up to you to find out who I am. Mmouahahahahaaa… After that speech, everybody got even more scared. A mad man/murderer was on the loose and there was nobody to protect them. But David was not going to give up yet. He started interviewing everybody trying to get as much information as possible. They were all suspects: Tom, the stealer, could have easily stolen all the phones. Paul, Ray, and Kevin all hated Jason. Dustin wasn’t seen when the crazy man talked. The list went on. But David had his answer. When he went to the crime scene, he found a gun where Kevin was hiding. There it was. No more hiding. Kevin was the killer. When he went to announce it to everybody, they were relieved to have found the criminal. Kevin gave up directly. He admitted he was a killer. So kids at home don’t be like Kevin (only like Kevin Garnett, the great basketball player).



  1. Homer Simpson Says:

    Curious use of your name for every team. Your tale had the most interesting suspects, which makes for a very good story. Good job!

  2. joe the plumber/bob the builder Says:

    so the geofreysters a.k.a celtics rock. I will never reveal my true identity so stop asking who I am. Anyways, Geoffrey that was a great fantastic story.

    • Dr. Frankenstein Says:

      You don’t need to say that because I alredy know who you are, joe the plumber/bob the builder. Anyways, Geoffrey, that was a really great story! Good job!
      Dr. Frankenstein (WAHAHA !!!)

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