General Comments

If you have a message for all of our student authors, you can leave it here! Thanks so much for visiting our site, and happy sleuthing!


12 Responses to “General Comments”

  1. Veronica McGivney Park Says:

    These are all incredibly mysterious mysteries! Even the dark layout of the site is spooky. In all of the stories, I love how the details made the characters come alive. BRAVO!

  2. Everyone is doing a great job with their writing. I hope you had as much fun with the stories as I did reading them and meeting you.
    Best regards,

  3. Allegra: I am very proud of you – Well done!

  4. Homer Simpson Says:

    It is I, Homer Simpson. Many of you may be wondering who I am. A little extra mystery wouldn’t hurt, now would it? Anyhow, I would just lie to say what a pleasure it was reading your stories. I hope I can meet the writers in person someday. Here is my address: 61 Horrsen Ferry Road, London S1

    • Dr. Frankenstein Says:

      Homer Simpson, that’s James Bond address, not yours!
      Unless you are James Bond, which I really doubt because you only sound like a snotty English man and not like the coolest secret agent in the world!
      Anyways, I completely agree that a little extra mystery wouldn’t hurt and who knows, another one may be coming up…

    • Aurelien Says:

      I think I know who you are but I’m not entierly sure…

  5. Dr. Frankenstein Says:


  6. Aurelien Says:

    Good job to all!

    Your ex-classmate,


  7. allegra Says:

    nice mysteries

  8. Mysterious Rating Guy (aka Gabrielle) Says:

    Hi everyone!!

    All of the mysteries are so cool and they are very suspensful! I go throughout this website and rate stories and give my (nice) comments. Please! Do not be scared of my mysterious personnality! OK, I guess that’s it. BYE!!!

    – MRA (Gabrielle).

  9. MRP (aka Gabrielle). Says:

    Hello, my name is MRP (Mysterious Rating Person), although my fellow classmates at the LFNY know me as Gabrielle. I go throughout the website and rate stories and give my (nice) comments.

    – MRP (Gabrielle).

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