About the Project

The What a Mystery! Web site features a collection of mysteries written by two fifth-grade classes. After a visit from mystery writer Mark de Castrique, the students decided to craft mysteries of their own. While all the stories are unique, they have two things in common…they are all the product of hard work, and they are all fantastic!

This collection is not available in stores and can be seen exclusively on this Web site. We hope you enjoy reading the students’ mysteries. New stories will be added every day between June 4-June 16. Check back regularly for new additions! And be sure to tell your mystery-loving friends!

About Comments

Our students enthusiastically welcome positive comments on their work. Please note that only positive comments will be approved for display. Some students have expressed an interest in receiving constructive criticism from readers, but such comments will be shared privately with the student author rather than posted publicly on the blog.

If you read and enjoy one of the mysteries, it can be a great encouragement to a young writer to hear what you liked about his or her work!

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