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Posted in NASCAR Mystery with tags on June 10, 2009 by whatamystery

It was the NASCAR championship and the famous racer Joe Devado, 4-time world champion, was competing against many racers from places around the world including Italy, France, Spain and the Czech Republic.  His family had been in NASCAR for five generations.  At seven years old he lost his father when his car exploded because the motor temperature was too high.

Joe didn’t have a passion for car racing and was afraid of dying because he didn’t want his beautiful wife Mary or children to go through the agony that he, his mother, and his brother endured when his father perished. He also was bored with his celebrity life and tired of the press intruding in his personal life.

Joe was on his last lap and was bumped by another car. His car swerved and hit the wall.  His car tumbled over three times, burst into flames and was hit broad side by another car.  The crowd was devastated at the sight of the explosion, and his wife and mother shrieked in horror. Continue reading