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It was the NASCAR championship and the famous racer Joe Devado, 4-time world champion, was competing against many racers from places around the world including Italy, France, Spain and the Czech Republic.  His family had been in NASCAR for five generations.  At seven years old he lost his father when his car exploded because the motor temperature was too high.

Joe didn’t have a passion for car racing and was afraid of dying because he didn’t want his beautiful wife Mary or children to go through the agony that he, his mother, and his brother endured when his father perished. He also was bored with his celebrity life and tired of the press intruding in his personal life.

Joe was on his last lap and was bumped by another car. His car swerved and hit the wall.  His car tumbled over three times, burst into flames and was hit broad side by another car.  The crowd was devastated at the sight of the explosion, and his wife and mother shrieked in horror. Continue reading



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Hello, my name is Autumn and I’m going to tell you about what happened to me last year. In the middle of January, winter, my friend Marina told me the latest news about the Moroccos. The Moroccos are a family that lives right down the block from Marina’s house, and whose daughter Lulu goes to our school. The Moroccos have been kicked in and out of their house because Mr. Morocco does not pay the rent. Now the Moroccos have become destitute! Lulu, Mr. Morocco’s daughter did not show up for school that day in January. Continue reading


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Hello. My name is Professor Nikolai Baranowski. I am a well known scientist working on finding a cure for cancer. However, this story you are going to read has nothing to do with me. Well, maybe a little.

I was quietly sitting in my laboratory, writing notes in my little notebook, until Frederique Teth burst into my room without knocking.

“Edward Cully is going to get the mansion!” She said, breathing heavily with her bright and straightened teeth shining along with a beautiful smile. Frederique was a detective and she never left one mystery behind to solve. Some people tried to pull mystery tricks on her, but she’ll always find criminal and the truth. Continue reading


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“Mama, where  are  we  going with  this  cruise  boat?” asked  12-year-old Melodie.
“We  are  going  to  the  United  States  of  America  to  visit  one  of  my  friends.” replied  Rebecca Stalman, Melodie’s  mother.
Melodie  and  Mrs.  Stalman  came  from  London, England. They’re  on  a  trip  going  to  the  U.S.A. Of  course  there  are  other  people  on  this  boat! The  day  she  got  on, Melodie  met  a  boy  around  the  same  age.
“Hello! greeted  the  boy. “My  name  is  Fred  Adams. How  about  you?”
“Nice  to  meet  you,  Fred. I  am  Melodie  Stalman,” replied  Melodie.
“What  are  you  doing  on  this  boat?” asked  Fred. Continue reading


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Chapter one: a stolen car

I was playing cards when Lucas called me: “My cousin Antoine invited Romain and me to visit him in Louisiana. Want to come?”

Lucas was my best friend. He was small with blond hair and had a little round shape around the waist.

On the opposite side, Romain had brown hair, was tall and very athletic. Lucas and his cousin, Romain, are really different.

I answered: “Yes, it sure will be fun! Come to my house in 30 minutes, OK?”

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Setting:  The biggest yacht in the in the world, on the Atlantic Ocean.

Time:  Summer, middle of July.

Crime:  Someone farted and the hanger-deck exploded.

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Dawn broke when I felt my dog licking my face, while my mom was yelling that breakfast was ready. I stretched and by accident knocked my dog off the bed. I lightly picked him up and slowly headed down stairs. After breakfast I picked up a pair of jeans and a T-shirt like usual. I reached down for my shoes when I heard someone screaming outside. I turned to the window when I saw a young woman panicking. Something bad must have happened. I quickly slipped on my shoes and ran outside to see if she needed help. Continue reading