Hello, Mystery Writers!

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Hello from a MYSTERY PERSON.

I am having a great time rereading your mysteries…but the real mystery is…WHO AM I?

Hint: I am the only person who knows the login information for your mystery website. Can you crack the case?

I hope all of my mystery writers are doing well! I miss you!


Mrs. Thomson




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Would you kill somebody who stole your money? Probably not, but in this story somebody does. Read and learn!

It was a perfect day for the opening of a football field. Many people came for fun and football. But some came for revenge! At the party, they were all professional athletes. But every single athlete has a secret. They had all broken the law somehow: stealing, hold-ups, murders, all sorts of bad things. But at this party nobody expected to do something bad. But that wouldn’t last for long… Continue reading


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Dear Mr. Michaels:

We’re all here, and we’re very worried. We’re here because we knew about the crime that had taken place in this house. I’ll tell it to you: on a windy Saturday morning, in 1943, it was heard on the radio that last night a murder had taken place in New York. It happened in an old house. An old man lived there. He had hired a maid just a few nights ago, and five hours after her 4th day of work, a neighbor heard an enormous thump then the sound of dragging, and finally, steps one by one on the stairs. After hearing this everyone all over America get pretty scared, even me and the other guys. Continue reading

2016: THE MURDER by Margaux

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This story is fiction and happens in the future (2016).

Pico is an 18-year-old boy, he goes to the college of N.Y.U (University of New York). Pico is an artist, over a million people have bought some of his art pieces. Continue reading


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New York, Monday, January 18, 1974.

“Latest News! Abe Stanler was found dead in her hotel room! Detective Frankie Stanler has been assigned for the case. Read for more!” cried a newspaper seller in front of the Season Hotel. That morning, people were elbowing, pushing themselves and fighting to get a copy of The New York Times. As Francis Bleak, 21, watched this scene out of his window of the Season Hotel with disinterest, he looked concerned about the police cornering off the building to stop the murderer from escaping. Was he scared or reassured? Continue reading


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It was a warm sunny day in Yakima, Washington. Sally was getting ready to go to work at McDonalds as the cashier. She brushed her short thick hair. She envied her friend Jessica. She had a successful job, big blue eyes, a great boyfriend, and long silky blond hair. She thought of all the great things Jessica had as she quickly brushed her teeth. Oh, and she had forgotten, Jessica also had naturally white teeth as oppose to her, who had yellow crooked ones. She left her small messy bungalow that could barely fit what she needed. As she walked over to the McDonalds she worked at, she thought of how lucky Jessica was. Continue reading


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Billy-Jean Ray sat at his dining room table with his wife, reading his newspaper, and drinking coffee. He was a taller man, with beige skin and short brown hair, which was beginning to turn gray. He was a rich oil man who was very muscular, not that his job required muscles, though. He was going to use his money to build an extremely expensive under-water apartment building, which should be ready in June 2010.
“Hey Marge, look at this,” he said to his wife, “This soccer coach’s murder is still unsolved. We’re in April 2002, and still no answer. This shows us what police are good for!” Margery nodded, but said nothing. Once, just once, she wished Billy would spend time with her. She wanted kids, but she knew that her time to have a baby was almost over.
“You know, sweetie, the sink is getting dirty, and I’m already late for work…” mentioned Billy.
“I’ll get right to it,” sighed Margery. She would be happy with a simple kiss. Continue reading